“On my first visit, I was like everyone else, “Is this going to work for me?” Well, it did and 40 lbs. later I feel great! Mr. Lane helped create the New Me, not just in looks but in spirit. I’ve taken back control of my life! I’ve got the power and I’ve told my family and friends about my experience.”

Roland H.

“Hi Ed,

I’m just writing to say how nice it was to see you again – two years to the day since I quit smoking with hypnosis. I had tried to quit so many times in the past, but somehow after our session I was able to stay on track easier than ever before .I can recall being around smokers within the very first week and not feeling tempted! I can’t explain how it worked so well, just that it did, and even my husband was surprised to see I had no cravings at all. My health has definitely improved, along with the overall quality of my life. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks again, and I’m happy to be celebrating two years of living smoke-free.”

Sheila F.; Rochester, NH

“It is going well…very interesting. I have recently seen a lot of friends that I hadn’t seen in a while…they are all saying the same thing, “You’ve lost weight, you look great!” I still have not stepped on the scale but I am feeling better – more comfortable in my skin, not noticing any extra pounds anywhere. My focus has changed from feeling frumpy to feeling healthy and grateful. I no longer have a sugar addiction. I can pass by whoopie pies, ice cream, chocolate and anything sweet that may be offered me without even trying – that is AMZAING and MIRACULOUS!”

“Your work is powerful and you are a wonderful facilitator. Healing occurs where you need it, sort of like a snowball affect, and rather quickly. I am very appreciative that we had the opportunity to work together. I am forever changed. Thank you, Ed. May all the success that you have helped your clients achieve come back to you a thousand-fold.”

Abundant Blessings


Well it’s been one month and I’m in control. I’m doing fine and my wife says I smell real good, and she wears RED when I need it. The strange thing is, people say “WOW! You quit smoking,” and all I say is that I’m a non-smoker.

Thanks again Ed

Dick; Kingston, NH


Thank you for calling me last night. I am sorry I missed your call. I am doing okay. No smoking. No real desire that is conscious. I will take it moment by moment. I am also using the tapping for my other loss. It is working well for that too.

Carol L., Senior Business Systems Analyst

Hi Ed,

I probably will come back for another session to make sure I’m getting the optimum effect from hypnosis and EFT. I’m for anything that will help reduce my stress level! I find it interesting that something so simple can have such positive results.

J.V., Lee, NH

Mike Gleason before_200It will be one month since I (first saw you). To keep you updated, so far I’ve lost 14lbs. or the way we want to look at it 50% of my goal in the first month. Not bad huh? I started off at 205 and as of the AM I was at 191, my goal is 175. So something is working. Keep up the good work.





Mike Gleason after_200Ed….I just wanted to give you an update. It has been close to 10 weeks since I first saw you and I would like to tell you that when I first came there, my weight was 205-206lbs., as of this AM, I am 181-182. I lost 25 so far, and only 6 more pounds to go for my goal… Just thought I would let you know.

Thanks a lot, I will e-mail you when I hit 175.

Just an update for you….I met my goal this morning. I weigh 175! Yipee!!!!! I did it… Thanks again.

Mike G., Exeter, NH

“My boyfriend and I were hypnotized about a month ago by Ed Lane at A New You Center for Hypnosis to try to change our eating habits and behavior. Ed provided very good advice on nutrition and behavior modification, as well as teaching us the “EFT” method of behavior control when confronted with temptation. The EFT method is also helpful in dealing with stress and other issues that we are faced  with on a daily basis. Since hypnosis, I have lost 8 pounds and my boyfriend has lost 5. We have changed our bad eating habits and are both feeling wonderful!”

Charlene D., Everett, MA

I feel a great burden has been lifted from me. No more obsession with food…what to eat…when to eat…when not to eat. I can finally enjoy life.
Thanks again!


Rochelle, Rochester, NH

“I just wanted to let you know that the therapy has been working very well for me. I decided to start dieting a couple of weeks ago and have to say that the work we did together has been very effective. I’ve only deviated twice in the past two weeks – a sip of soda and a handful of fries – hardly mortal sins! I’ve dropped 12 pounds so far and I am already feeling better. I want you to know that I have been recommending you to many of my patients and handing them brochures.

Thank you again for helping me, Ed. Please feel to use me as a reference if anyone wants to speak with someone who has been treated.”


Dr. Josh Greenspan, Portsmouth, NH