DIETS DON’T WORK…they are the enemy of weight loss!

The answer does not lie in the diet. The answer to permanent weight loss lies in changing our response to signals from the brain. The emphasis of our program is on the emotional motivation and negative programming (bad habits) and beliefs that contribute to weight gain. We’ll teach you powerful techniques to supercharge your metabolism, control your cravings and let go of the emotional issues you used to stuff down with food. When you modify your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, the weight comes off easily. We are so confident in our Program that we offer a “Written Service Guarantee”.

There is no magic pill, shake, powder, herb or diet. DIETS DON’T WORK! Diets teach you how to get fat and feel like a failure. Most people regain any weight that was lost on those “fad” or temporary diets, including the Atkins, or those “Designer”, “Pre-Packaged” diet programs as advertised on TV. The best method possible to lose the excess weight permanently is to change the way you think and feel about food first; then the lifestyle habits that contribute to weight gain. Regardless of how hard you try with “will power” (conscious thinking) you can’t win, and you know that because you keep losing and gaining over and over again, don’t you? This is why hypnosis is so effective for reducing weight…it reaches those deep unconscious patterns, some of which may have been learned in childhood: “Clean you plate, there are children starving in China.” or “Have a cookie, you’ll feel better!” Sound familiar? Hypnosis always beats “will power”.

Our Program targets:

  • Emotional Eating
  • Dealing with cravings
  • Portion Control
  • Exercise motivation
  • Eliminate sugar, carbohydrate and junk food addictions
  • Reasonable weight loss goals
  • Confidence & self esteem issues
  • Learn how to think, act, and feel like a naturally thin person.

Call today and become “A New You”, the “You” who you have always wanted to be!

Just Imagine…how will you look and feel at your ideal weight?