Ok, I made you look. From now on, please eliminate the word “pa_n” from your vocabulary. It is a “four-letter” word. We will refer to it as “discomfort” from now on. This may seem silly or trite, but words trigger responses in the brain which then cause us to experience physical sensations and the sensations triggered by “discomfort” are much more comfortable than those triggered by that “P” word.

Hypnosis can be of great value to those suffering from “Chronic Discomfort”. That is “discomfort” that has been experienced for at least 6 months and has been fully diagnosed and treated by a physician. IN FACT, ALL CLIENTS MUST SUBMIT A WRITTEN REFERRAL FROM THEIR PHYSICIAN PRIOR TO BOOKING OUR FIRST APPOINTMENT FOR ANY DIAGNOSED MEDICAL ISSUES INCLUDING “DISCOMFORT”…NO EXCEPTIONS.