Mind Magic for Golf

Over the last 30 years, golf clubs, balls, training aids and videos have improved tremendously. Game-improvement books and gadgets are everywhere. Private golf lessons, once available to only the rich and famous are now commonplace. Yet no appreciable improvement in the average golfer’s score has occurred. Wonder why?

No matter how technologically advanced the equipment or the knowledge, if we don’t know how to direct our mind and our emotions, we will continue to encounter the same challenges on the course over and over. Performance anxiety, tension, fears, doubt, anger, distractions and unwanted emotional reactions interfere with our abilities and prevent us from lowering our scores. The great Bobby Jones told us almost a century ago: “Tension is the enemy of golf.” He also explained that: “The game of golf is played on a 5 ½ inch course…the space between your ears”.

The secret to unlocking your unlimited potential on the golf course is harnessing the power of your mind, specifically your unconscious mind. The best golfers know that golf is a mental and emotional game, not just a physical game. Once you learn how to swing a club (see your local PGA professional for this) and program that ideal swing into your unconscious mind (we can help with this part), the game transforms from a physical skill into a game of intense mental focus.

When you think about it, a round of golf can be broken down to about 90 seconds of physical performance (actually swinging the club) and 4 hours of mental and emotional management. If you want to play more consistently, lower your score and play ‘in the zone’, it is essential that you learn how to harness the magnificent power of your unconscious mind and take control of your emotions on the course.

The fastest, easiest and most efficient way to rapidly integrate dramatic improvements in all areas of your golf game is through our proven process of hypnosis, Mind Magic for Golf.

Mind Magic for Golf is a powerful and effective series of hypnosis sessions designed to train your mind and help you:

• Create laser-like focus on demand
• Play with unlimited confidence
• Swing unconsciously
• Maintain a positive outlook
• Tune out distractions
• Release poor shots instantly
• Play in the Optimum Performance Mode

The guided visualization and mental rehearsal exercises will increase your ability to execute your perfect swing and strike the ball better and more consistently. Mind Magic for Golf combines time-tested hypnosis with NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques. All you need to do is simply listen and succeed.

Mind Magic for Golf is the missing link in achieving consistent peak performance.

The core Mind Magic for Golf Program consists of the following 5 sessions:

1. Mental and Physical Relaxation
2. Ferocious Focus
3. Swing Success
4. Course Confidence
5. Putting Perfection

These sessions can be purchased separately or as a package with a discount.

Each one-hour session includes an Audio Hypnosis CD to be listened to between sessions. They support the session enabling you to continue to enhance the benefits at home. These are Hypnosis CDs. DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM WHILE DRIVING OR OPERATION MACHINERY.

The 5-Session Package also includes a non-hypnosis CD with positive affirmations. You can listen to this one in the car, especially on the way to the golf course.

In addition to the core program, we can create customized sessions based on your specific needs and challenges on the golf course. For example:

• Driving
• Approach Shots
• Pitching
• Chipping
• Putting
• Reading Greens

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