A Six-Step Program on “HOW TO GET UNSTUCK”

In theory and practice, Quantum Focusing is a Mental Martial Art that guides clients through a series of supervised practice sessions that are designed to condition them to be happier, healthier and generally more effective. As a Certified Quantum Focusing Coach, I have been trained to guide you through the program in person or over the phone, customizing the program to fit your needs and achieve your goals more easily. Quantum Focusing helps you to get more out of life, resolve your problems and prepare yourself to take charge of your life, health and career.

Quantum Focusing is the blending of hypnotic healing, spiritual practice, creative stress management and Quantum Physics. The Quantum Focusing Program “HOW TO GET UNSTUCK”, is a comprehensive six-step program designed to help you take charge of your life and health.

The Quantum Focusing Program takes a lighthearted approach to self-mastery. As a whole, the Program is based on the philosophy that “being stuck” is an unrecognized learned behavior. The good news is that we all have the ability to learn new behaviors. If “being stuck” is interfering with your life, NOW is the time to learn new behaviors. The Program uses a tried and true process for self-development and spiritual growth.

Quantum Focusing is a modern spiritual practice for living in the 21st century. In theory and practice the QF-Program “HOW TO GET UNSTUCK” is a collaboration of the personal and professional experiences, education, trainings and spiritual practices of Michael Ellner, DD, CHT, MSH; Richard Jamison, Ph.D., MBA; and Alan Barsky, CHT, MH. Helping people learn how to utilize their own resources and experiences to feel better and function at higher levels was and is the driving principal behind the art, science, and philosophy of Quantum Focusing.

Quantum Focusing was developed over a 22-year span to help people feel better and act more effectively. The “HOW TO GET UNSTUCK” Program was developed over a 3-year period drawing on the latest discoveries and ideas from Behavioral Medicine, Hypnosis, Mind/Body Spirituality, Philosophy, Physiology, Eastern and Western Medicine, Cognitive Science and Quantum Physics.

Quantum Focusing Coaches do not diagnose, analyze or fix people. What we do is assist people like you develop their own self-hypno-meditative imagery and creative coping skills and abilities. We do this by guiding you through 6 Steps/Sessions/Weeks so that you get the most out of these exercises.

I am confident that you will develop the skills necessary to create the happy heart, peaceful mind and playful spirit necessary to set yourself free within just a few short weeks of using our program.

Session 1: Develop your focusing skills and imagination abilities
Session 2: Stop sabotaging yourself
Session 3: Detox Uncomfortable memories
Session 4: Creatively manage your stress
Session 5: Overcome your fears with self-confidence
Session 6: Relaxing your body and quiting your mind.

Professionals talk about the QUANTUM FOCUSING method

“A helpful guidebook for those ready to start on the journey of self-empowerment.” Bernie Siegel, M.D. Author: Love, Medicine and Miracles

“The QF exercises are easy, short, pointed, penetrating and powerfully effective. QUANTUM FOCUSING is a comprehensive, timely synthesis of many of the self-help tools out there.”Dr. Neil J. Salka, Director of Chiropractic Care, Center for Traditional & Non-Traditional Healing

“I recommend the QUANTUM FOCUSING IBS Program with confidence.” Stephen Robers, M.D.

“QUANTUM FOCUSING, an owners manual for the mind, is exeptional. Ellner and Barsky have captured the essence of the world’s sages…It is a primer for anyone who is entering the 21st century and wants to live it to the fullest.”  Anne H. Spencer, Ph.D., Dir., International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association

“An excellent resource for anyone with chronic illness or just interested in health. It teaches practical skills. I highly recommend it.” Frank Lipman, M.D. Internal Medicine, Stress Medicine

“QUANTUM FOCUSING is a powerful program for self-development, spiritual growth and self-healing.”  Andrew Cort, D.C, J.D., Author: Return to Meaning: The American Psyche in Search of its Soul