CG, Dover

Just wanted to update and thank you! My mind has been clear for a while now and life seems to be smooth sailing. Dealing with situations has gotten a lot easier and when I feel like its turning into a rollercoaster, I just try my hardest to stay on the positive side of things. We…


A.S.; Stratham, NH

Hi Ed, I had seen you back in the beginning of January for a fear of flying. I just wanted to update you since I just got back from my long trip to Hawaii. I was feeling slightly anxious a few days before I left because I was not sure how my body was going…


J.V., Lee, NH

Hi Ed,

I probably will come back for another session to make sure I’m getting the optimum effect from hypnosis and EFT. I’m for anything that will help reduce my stress level! I find it interesting that something so simple can have such positive results.