16 years ago, I was a professional athlete, after many years of life’s trials and tribulations, I’d found myself having gained more than 75lbs. Over time I became reclusive, embarrassed to go out, and just overall ashamed of myself. I’d tried many diets, and some would work, I might lose 20 or 30lbs., then within a few months it’d all be back, plus a few extra.

A colleague told me about hypnosis, and the various uses, and success stories. So I thought I’d give it a try. I went to see Ed in June, now 5 months later, I’ve lost over 30lbs., and the weight is still coming off. I simply can’t say how much I love this program. Please understand this is NOT a diet, in this program I learned to realize, and understand the reasons and issues that led me to over eat, binge eat, comfort eat…Etc.. In this program, those issues are addressed, not ignored. Once this is understood, an entire life style change happens. I WANTED to eat healthy foods, to eat correct portion sizes, greatly limit sweets etc….If I had to describe this program in one word it would be “CONTROL”. I can honestly say for the first time in 20 years, I truly feel that I have control, I control what I eat, how much I eat, how and when I exercise. These things are no longer an internal struggle. I truly have control over myself. This in turn has led to a huge boost in my energy, confidence and self esteem.

I’ve found this program is a great stress relief in all aspects of my life, so many areas of my life have had positive benefits. I’ve actually taken 8 strokes off my golf score as well, on the course I feel so much more relaxed, confident and positive.

This program has changed my life, and allowed me to take back control of my life.