Mike Gleason before_200It will be one month since I (first saw you). To keep you updated, so far I’ve lost 14lbs. or the way we want to look at it 50% of my goal in the first month. Not bad huh? I started off at 205 and as of the AM I was at 191, my goal is 175. So something is working. Keep up the good work.





Mike Gleason after_200Ed….I just wanted to give you an update. It has been close to 10 weeks since I first saw you and I would like to tell you that when I first came there, my weight was 205-206lbs., as of this AM, I am 181-182. I lost 25 so far, and only 6 more pounds to go for my goal… Just thought I would let you know.

Thanks a lot, I will e-mail you when I hit 175.

Just an update for you….I met my goal this morning. I weigh 175! Yipee!!!!! I did it… Thanks again.