Let me tell you about my experience with hypnotherapy with Ed Lane. My personal issue is weight loss and my story is probably the same as many others: I was always thin, always active and always had a decent shape. Then life happened, including a bad first marriage. And following menopause, my shape changed completely. For years I kept ahead by over-exercising and martial arts, then later in life I took up hula dancing. But I was unhappy with my weight and size, and gradually my attitude and even my posture changed to one of “don’t look at me; I’m hideous.”

I decided to try hypnotherapy, and met Ed Lane. From our first meeting, he was welcoming, encouraging, positive and upbeat, and absolutely sure that I could do whatever I set my mind to do.

It’s been nearly four months now, and my clothes fit better, and I like what I see in the mirror. I make good food choices, drink plenty of water, get great sleep, and exercise often. You need to know that I do make bad food choices from time to time (I’m not perfect), but I can forgive myself and go on. Unlike times past, I wake up each day with renewed hope, and I KNOW that I will eventually reach my goals. Lots of positive things have happened in my life, and I now have the tools I need to manage my moods and my appetite.

The CD’s and sessions are wonderful, and the entire experience is life changing! I stand and walk confidently, my old jeans fit, I absolutely radiate confidence and joy, and it’s a lot easier for me to see the good in people and situations.

This change is happening just the way I wanted it to: slow, steady, and inch-by-inch, pound by pound. THIS WORKS. I am living proof of what hypnotherapy and a great hypnotherapist can do. I love the way Ed starts his sessions with me: “What went RIGHT?”

I’m just a plain old ordinary person, but the changes in me are anything but ordinary, and now I consider myself  extraordinary. Don’t give up; give this a try and be patient with the process. The time is going to go by whether you do this or not–why not let it pass while you are taking steps each day toward your goal? And when you do, please know that I and many others are walking with you.

The best of luck to you,