I began hypnosis on April 29th, and today is July 7, 2009. I am very pleased to see I have lost a total of 27 inches in these few weeks. I feel so relaxed and energized, and am extremely comfortable with all aspects of the program. My mood has improved 100%, and my ability to deal with stress without eating as an escape enables me to continue on the positive path.

I listen to the Quick Tips CDs in my car daily and do the hypnosis exercise (CDs) also. I eat healthy foods, and make healthy choices, even during turmoil around me. I began exercising one minute at a time, then 5, now I exercise 30 minutes a day. I am also very active daily. This is amazing-quite a transformation from the hopeless, helpless person I was April 28.

I follow the program, which means carving time “for me” out of my daily schedule. I eat slowly and peacefully. I drink 68oz. of water daily. Old habits are gone, replaced by healthy, calm and confident choices and habits.

This is a program which has given me permission to be less than perfect, and because of this, I am grateful and free to make good choices. I am a much healthier, confident person now and my path is one of hope and vision.

I am grateful to Ed and this program for showing me how to find, save and respect myself-as I am today, this very moment, which is a wonderful change and revelation.