Hi Ed,

I had seen you back in the beginning of January for a fear of flying. I just wanted to update you since I just got back from my long trip to Hawaii. I was feeling slightly anxious a few days before I left because I was not sure how my body was going to react without being able to take zanax on the flight. I did the hypnosis CD you gave me for the week before my trip and tried to stay calm and do my breathing. Well my flight to Hawaii was pretty turbulent but I did my breathing techniques and watched a movie and did very good. The way back from Hawaii was VERY turbulent, but I was able to remain calm and did not have a panic attack or anxiety attack, I listened to my hypnosis CD and I focused on that and did my breathing. I am pretty sure my fear of flying went right out the window after that flight!. I realized that I can breathe through it and nothing bad is going to happen to me. I now feel like I have great tools to deal with stressful situations when they arise. I feel more comfortable and confident about flying.